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API Connect

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Allowing the use of OAuth Providers with duplicate basePath

Some financial institutions using APIC v5 platform provided by SBI publish multiple OAuth Provider APIs with the same base path but different scopes to FinTech clients. However base path must be unique in v10. If they change the base path to make ...
6 months ago in API Connect 1

Information Disclosure - Audit Issue

When we are providing the Developer Portal IP and Port, we are receiving nginx server default page and security team raised a concern as information Disclosure, We have to fix this asapPMR Reference: TS004888346
5 months ago in API Connect 2 Under review

API Connect Financial-grade API compliant

In the banking customer, Financial-grade API (FAPI) compliant is requested.API Connect have some capability for FAPI specification, but it is not full.OpenID FAPI certification is required.
4 months ago in API Connect 0 Under review

APIC V10 - Migrate Subscriptions from one Plan to other Plan

In APIC V10 - there is no functionality called Migrating subscriptions from one plan to other plan without impacting the consumer. This functionality is available in APIC V5 and we are looking for the same in API connect V10. Attached the screensh...
4 months ago in API Connect 0 Planned for future release

Add search to API Manager edit product APIs view in V10

When changing a Product's APIs in API Manager Develop view, there is no search option in the "Edit product APIs" view. This makes it difficult to find the correct API to remove when you are replacing a Product and API version. Search bar should be...
about 2 months ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Possibility to onboard users with different user registries including the ability to have a Sign-up page that defaults to the correct one dependent on audience.

Due to that we today use three different user registries depending on type of user we would like to be able to invite users in Developer’s Portal to the correct user registry. The three types of users we have identified so far are Administrators, ...
11 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Different invitation templates depending on the targeted audience in developer’s portal.

Due to that we today use three different user registries depending on type of user we would like to have different invitation templates depending on user type. Today when inviting users in developer’s portal you are only able to have one common em...
11 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Save preferences in Developer Portal

When an end user log in in the dev portal, the used user registry should be stored in the local cache. Then select this user registry automatically when the end user opens the “sign in” page the next time.In the same way, store the preferences in ...
11 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Alerting and Monitoring Integration with APIC Analytics

Alerting and Monitoring Integration is needed with APIC analytics.Rather than having separate separate analytics for CMC, APIM, and devportal.We can have a 4th component called analytics engine.So when analytics data is high we need to mount volum...
about 1 month ago in API Connect 0 Under review

IBM API Connect Reserved Instance - No Login option in UI for Developer Portal using SAML IDP (AppID)

Background: Humana uses AppID Service from IBM Cloud to federate users via enterprise SAML SSO. And this IDP is configured in IBM Cloud to allow users to access API Connect reserved instance with IAM Registry. And to login to IBM Cloud users will ...
2 months ago in API Connect 0 Under review