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API Connect

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API Connect - Activity Log Control and Detection

We would like to have the possibility of switching off / disabling the activity log option in an Organization / catalog level . We know its possible to switch off in API level , but it is beneficial to have the option of disabling payload option i...
2 months ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Proxy server support in API Connect v2018

Using APIC 2018.4.1.10 on VMware in an on-premise environment, we are encountering connectivity issues towards external dependencies. It's a corporate policy to route all traffic requiring Internet access through a central proxy. This requires API...
about 1 year ago in API Connect 0 Planned for future release

Default catalog from v5 in v10

In v5, there is an ability to set a catalog as default so that you can access its APIs without using the catalog name in the path. This functionality does not exist in v10 so it because difficult to migrate to this version without hacking togethe...
6 months ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Going back from an item, you shouldn't get the first page of the list

On v2018, when you are editing an object (API, application, product, etc.) and going back using the interface arrow, the browser returns to the first page of the item list. It would be desirable to go back to the same page number that you was view...
over 1 year ago in API Connect 0 Planned for future release

API Unsubscribe Notification

Like whenever an APP is subscribing to any API the Developer Team is getting notification for approval but the same is not happening if some un-subscription is happeningSo ideally we should get a notification whenever an app is unsubscribing the A...
12 months ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Integrate OpenAPI linter tool in API Designer

This is related to another RFE: wants to enforce design time policies, like IdP selection, API guidance, by injecting API linter tools like spectral or specc...
over 1 year ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Need MTOM decode functionality in API connect

we need MTOM decode functionality in API connect.
8 months ago in API Connect 0 Planned for future release

http/2 for API Gateway

API Gateway of API Connect should allow usage of http/2. "Native" IBM DataPower Gateways already support usage of http/2 in HTTP(s) front side handlers. This should be usable in api connect, too.
3 months ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Ability to Revoke an unexpired Token

When using an external Token Management System that houses revoked tokens only we need the ability to force expire an active token that has been revoked by the eTMS Revoke Token business API Call. This should include any token cache management of ...
4 months ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Remove x-ibm-attributes in OpenAPI Spec file that can be downloaded in dev portal

The OpenAPI spec file downloaded from dev portal it still contains x-ibm extension attributes.Could you please remove the x-ibm attribute and the x-key-type attribute in the api spec that is provided for download?
3 months ago in API Connect 0 Under review