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allow cache-control ON WPS

1. Conjunto de encabezados HTTP Pragma incompleto o sin control de cachéSe identificó que el cache-control se puede deshabilitar a nivel de MPG pero necesitamos que también se pueda hacer a nivel de WSP.
3 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Support for gateway assembly Payload validation for OpenAPI 3.0

Currently we do not support anything beyond JSON schema Draft 4.0 for payload validation I am told, and this has impacted the use of the gateway assembly validate policy for Open API 3.0 APIs. For many customers this is a significant impact on the...
3 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Under review

Enable the ATS storage usage under AOC subscription Management tool

Hello,We are requesting you to enable ATS storage usage overview for Aspera on Cloud customers who use IBM default storage, in the web portal, it will only display the transfer details.
18 days ago in Aspera 0 Not under consideration

Monitoring events logging to ELK

Currently only system logs (BIP, ...) are sent over ELK configuration to Logstash agent. We would like to write also monitoring events directly to Logstash agent.Currently, ACE supports logging monitoring events only via MQ/MQTT to topic.
7 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

sftp support Analytics

As we already have the backup and restore system configured and integrated in Manager and Developer Portal, we need to have a backup to an sftp service.We currently have a corporate S3 that you do not support and to configure one in the cloud you ...
4 months ago in API Connect 0 Under review

KAKFA nodes support for OAUTHBEARER Security mechanism

We are evaluating the ACE 11 ( Kafka nodes to connect our internal Kafka broker and we are finding technical limitation with the security mechanism.Basically, our internal practice is to use OAUTHBEARER with SASL_SSL for all the Kafka co...
3 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

App Connect Designer in CP4i DB connections

Cloud Pak for Integration using the App Connect Designer - currently it does not support MS SQL over JDBC.
4 months ago in App Connect 1 Planned for future release

IIB HTTP Listeners - please log errors when they reject connections

HTTP Listeners do not log errors when they reject connections. This make trouble shooting difficult. See Case TS004599611. Please make it so IIB/ACE HTTP Listeners record errors with details when they are rejecting connections.
5 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

Do not display hidden files in Aspera on Cloud

Hello. It seems that the shared folders Aspera on Cloud is exposing to our users is showing the "hidden" files on the NTFS file system. We prefer to have the hidden files not shown, if possible. An example of our scenario is as follows: A typical ...
20 days ago in Aspera 1 Future consideration

APIC RI v10: Notification content for "Request for approval to publish an API product"

While we publish product when it sends notification for approval it does not do following 1) Link needs to point to IDP URL .2) Does not tell the provider org name
20 days ago in API Connect 1 Under review