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IIB consumes all available Instances before recycling any previous ones

The thread despatch model used in Message Broker / IIB causes new processing threads / flow instances to be initialised ahead of current / previously processing threads being closed-down.This can cause a spin-up of active processing threads / flow...
about 6 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

Changing node names and adding comments

In the flows we have 2 or more steps. Having more functional information available on my nodes to makes it self-explanatory.
over 2 years ago in App Connect 1 Planned for future release

AO Self load balancing communication between API Manager and Datapower gateway

We are using AO Module for API gateway load balancing for customer requirements and have faced a issue now which is becoming road block for production roll out.AO Self Load Balancing is not supported for communication between API Manager and DataP...
11 months ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Alternative user ID to run an execution group

System: IBM Intergration Bus on Unix and LinuxIn IBM Intergration Bus 8 and 9 on z/OS one can change the user ID under which an execution group runs. We need this functionality in IBM Integration Bus on UNIX (AIX) and Linux (Red Hat) either. By ...
about 7 years ago in App Connect 6 Future consideration

Missing options Compress and CKPT in CDOutputNode

Currently the CDOutput Node does not allow setting Connect:Direct options Compress and CKPT.
almost 2 years ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

JavaCompute Debug Messages

When debugging a JavaCompute node, one is unable to see the input message in its hierarchical form as one would see with a similare ESQL compute note. This makes it very difficult to debug Javacompute nodes.
over 3 years ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration

API Dev Portals: Get API Logo from URL defined in draft

As of now, a logo can be manually uploaded and set to a product in the developer portal. But the logo gets changed whenever the product is republished/replaced with a newer version.It would be a good feature to add the logo link directly in the dr...
over 3 years ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

IIB Continues Processing HTTP Requests After A Timeout Occurs

When a HTTP / SOAP-over-HTTP Request is received by an IIB Message Flow (via a HTTP Input or SOAP Input node), if a timeout occurs for that request, IIB returns the client a timeout response (error response) - this is good... the product fulfills ...
over 6 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

rpm packages for IIB9.x for deployment in RedHat based systems

With the adoption of puppet and chef in enterprises, having rpm packages for IIB9 installation/uninstallation will be great help. It will enable installation/uninstallation/upgrade managed by a package manager like yum inside puppet module/chef re...
over 6 years ago in App Connect 3 Future consideration

Rest service to create developer user which sends a link to activate and set password

In the API documentation in password is a mandatory parameter. We need an API which sends activati...
over 2 years ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration