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Support for multiple API Consumer client certificates for ClientId to CN enforcement on API Gateway

As part of the app registration process on the Developer Portal today, the API Consumer can supply their certificate and the API Gateway can be configured to check the CN against the ClientId as part of the runtime enforcement. Currently the produ...
over 2 years ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Have a way to view all apps subscribed to a plan/product in API Connect

Currently, there is no way to view the apps which are subscribed to a particular plan/product in API Connect. The IBM case is TS003888316.
11 months ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Rate limit is not persistent so setting would be lost during system maintenance

API Connect V5 on-premise version has rate limit setting option for protecting backend service. But this data is not persistent disappears when customer did some maintenance work, e.g. patch, PM etc.As a result customer should calculate API call ...
11 months ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

Allow Exclusions from Build Paths for IIB Application BAR files

Allow users to configure standard exclusion paths when compiling IIB Applications into BAR files.IIB Applications result in the entire contents of an Application project being sucked-up / compiled into the BAR file... literally any files that are ...
over 6 years ago in App Connect 4 Future consideration

Message Model Wizard, XSD hierarchy issue

"New Message Model" wizard... Two XML Options are provided: Option 1 "SOAP XML" i.e. use a WSDL, Option 2 "Other XML" e.g. use an XSD.When importing from a pre-existing WSDL (Option 1) - you can successfully refer to the WSDL file and all dependen...
over 6 years ago in App Connect 4 Future consideration

Notification for error with receiving analytic events

System: IBM API ConnectActor: User needing new featureIBM API Connect provides the functionality for receiving and storing analytic data about API call performed and additional events. Description: Currently if there is a problem in storing the re...
almost 3 years ago in API Connect 0 Future consideration

APIConnect: need plan's rate limit support per month & per year

Product Plan's rate limit support per month & per year.Now it only support up to per week. Our customer want period above week….
11 months ago in API Connect 2 Planned for future release

Delete cascade on WSDL version in WS Proxy

We use WX Proxy and multiple WSDL versions. We keep them used even when a newer version is deployed. So we may have wsdl_version1 and wsdl_version2 used at the same time.Currently because they are both used, if we use the "remove" button in front ...
almost 3 years ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Collect and include Backend URL (backend endpoint) in API Connect Analytics

Per IBM API Connect (APIC) Offering Management, Backend URL (backend endpoint) is not currently collected in APIC Analytics.
over 3 years ago in API Connect 0 Planned for future release

Add DECIMAL as option on UDP in flow editor

On the flow editor it is not possible to select DECIMAL as type. FLOAT and DOUBLE are possible but might result in many decimal positions when used in calculations.
11 months ago in App Connect 1 Future consideration