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API Connect

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Support jwt-bearer grant type for consumer API

We are build self-services for API providers and consumers by calling provider and consumer system APIs. To authenticate with the self-service, our users use our own enterprise OIDC user registry, which is used for provider and consumer API user r...
2 days ago in API Connect 0 Submitted

APIM UI customized environment title

We are using APIC manager UI on daily basis in many different environments and platforms.It is easy to get confused what platform you're in fact operating on as they all looks the same, only by checking catalogs names or url can help but they stil...
5 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Possibility to onboard users with different user registries including the ability to have a Sign-up page that defaults to the correct one dependent on audience.

Due to that we today use three different user registries depending on type of user we would like to be able to invite users in Developer’s Portal to the correct user registry. The three types of users we have identified so far are Administrators, ...
11 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Different invitation templates depending on the targeted audience in developer’s portal.

Due to that we today use three different user registries depending on type of user we would like to have different invitation templates depending on user type. Today when inviting users in developer’s portal you are only able to have one common em...
11 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Save preferences in Developer Portal

When an end user log in in the dev portal, the used user registry should be stored in the local cache. Then select this user registry automatically when the end user opens the “sign in” page the next time.In the same way, store the preferences in ...
11 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review

OAuth token based secure access to backend orchestration services

We would like support for both OAuth 2.0 and OIDC specs supported when connecting to back end services including custom grant types. Our immediate need is for client credential grant type. We expect that the token will be managed by API Connect, i...
16 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review

APIC RI v10: Notification content for "Request for approval to publish an API product"

While we publish product when it sends notification for approval it does not do following 1) Link needs to point to IDP URL .2) Does not tell the provider org name
20 days ago in API Connect 1 Under review

APIC RI - Disable Global Payload logging mechanism

Hi Team,Please disable Global payload logging mechanism in APIC RI. Provide configuration to the APIC Admin team to enable or disable through checkbox same as APIC V5. Thanks!Srini
26 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review

Loosing subscriptions while publishing APIs in APIC RI

APIC RI provides us an ability to publish the APIs directly, however when we use that feature we are loosing the subscriptions. Please enhance the product and provide a publish option without loosing the subscriptions.
26 days ago in API Connect 1 Under review

APIc Toolkit needs to document the support for version specific product:list requests

The documentation for the APIc Toolkit products:list command suggests this syntax be used: ./apic-slim products:list --scope catalog --server -o appdev-iam-apic-role-testing -c patmc cfapi-version...
27 days ago in API Connect 0 Under review