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DataPower Gateway

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Support for payload validate policy for OpenAPI 3.0

Currently there is no support beyond JSON schema Draft 4.0 for payload validation, and this has impacted the use of the gateway assembly validate policy for Open API 3.0 APIs. This has a significant impact on their adoption of OAPI 3.0 using API C...
3 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Need preStop opntion for gwv6 Pods

In the current design, once the status in gwv6 Pod is transitioned into Terminating, SIGTERM signal is sent to gwv6 Pod. And if this process is not completed within 30s (=terminationGracePeriodSeconds), SIGKILL signal is sent to gwv6 Pod by compul...
6 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Under review

Add Kafka to DataPower log target

Our team uses log target on daily basis for monitoring out services. So far our log target type of choice was syslog. Now we are migrating our logging and monitoring systems, which would involve sending system logs to Kafka Cluster.With the curren...
3 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Certificate Rotation with Luna HSM

Timely Certificate rotation is important operational activity. We have been unsuccessful in integrating Luna HSM along with DataPower due to the various stability issues described in the PMR TS004206044. The object status isn't refreshed. Manual w...
15 days ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Submitted

DataPower Log Target Enhancements for better off appliance logging

We are looking for enhancements to DataPower Log Targets that send Log Events off the appliance to a central logging facility.To ensure all Log Messages generated by the appliance can be sent, we need Log Target capability that allows it to be one...
10 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

ecdsa-sha256 signature ASN.1 syntax

Please consider to make DataPower's cypto module "sign" API respect RFC5753 (Use of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) Algorithms in Cryptographic Message Syntax), which states that signature must contain the DER encoding.crypto module is currently...
about 1 year ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration

Access control for local files

Currently in DataPower we can use any local files for any multiprotocol gateway. There is no option to restrict a particular file for a service. Anyone can open any local file from a new service. We need a restriction with the access for local fil...
2 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Under review

RBM RADIUS authen for local users

admin user is a special datapower account, it should be excluded from the primary authentication method when it is no local user (such as LDAP, RADIUS...etc) and go straight to fallback user case.currently, our RADIUS server is reporting a huge am...
2 months ago in DataPower Gateway 2 Future consideration

Filter in DPOD for the Provider Organization

Hi,We are currently evaluating the Datapower Operations dashboard in our QA environment. There is a strict requirement that requires providing access to users based on the provider organization. Since the current firmware 1.0.12 doesn't support th...
2 months ago in DataPower Gateway 1 Under review

allow cache-control ON WPS

1. Conjunto de encabezados HTTP Pragma incompleto o sin control de cachéSe identificó que el cache-control se puede deshabilitar a nivel de MPG pero necesitamos que también se pueda hacer a nivel de WSP.
3 months ago in DataPower Gateway 0 Future consideration